Observations of Countless Executives over 3 decades

You don’t get the right behaviors by rewarding the wrong behaviors.

You don’t get:
—hardworking people by rewarding the lazy ones
—good citizens by rewarding the racists
—honest people by rewarding liars
—educated people by rewarding the uneducated
—healthy way of life by rewarding unhealthy way of life.

You just can’t get the right result by doing the wrong things. You just don’t no matter how you will it.

If you want the right results in life, you have to do the right things. Sometimes it means leaving the wrong people behind. The wrong people just won’t change because they get rewarded for their wrong ways.

You gave people around you the permission to become who they have become because of your actions or inactions.

Take full responsibility of your actions or inactions. Be careful of what you value and believe. Values and beliefs drive your behaviors. The right or wrong behaviors become who you are today.