About Us

Since our initial inception in 1992, Executive WorkPlace International has been collaborating with our clients to resolve their hiring and onboarding frustrations regionally (see our track records).

When the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore instituted the licensing requirements for companies engaging in recruitment in the early 90’s, we were among the first few industry players to obtain the required license (see “MOM prosecuted the first employer who used an unlicensed employment agent for recruitment activity”).

We started working with our clients to source and deploy talents around the region even before the Asian crisis. Our first successful cross border search was for a Country Manager to be based in Vietnam in 1993 for a German multinational. He is a Singaporean and is still working in Vietnam. Since then, we continue to source and deploy talents whom transcend national borders even before the term “borderless” was coined (see the 1st ever onboarding event in this region).

We continue to innovate in our field of endeavor to keep ahead of the pack by doing research and sharing our best-practices on hiring, interviewing, coaching and managing the performance of your teams with our clients.

Where do you START ? Start with your end-in-mind. Who do you REALLY need to HIRE and get ONBOARD successfully …?

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Tan Aik Seng
Managing Director
Executive WorkPlace International