“The team at Executive WorkPlace International displayed their professionalism from the outset. They asked me targeted questions about the position, ideal candidate and provided a structured approach to the targeted recruitment process which immediately instilled my confidence in their ability to deliver. They kept me updated weekly, reporting on the status on each candidates. I am very happy with the process and professionalism of EWI and the results they have delivered are such that I continue to use them for all my targeted recruitment needs. I would not hesitate to recommend EWI to companies with specific recruitment needs.”

Mario Licciardi, Business Manager
B&J South East Asia
Bronson & Jacobs Pty Ltd (an IXOM Business)

“I remember that Executive WorkPlace International was recommended to us through my superior as I was searching for a sales manager in the Australian market. We found someone through your affiliate there and I believe since then I, personally, have hired FOUR people with you and all are still successfully employed by us! I know there have been more hires for our company through you. The frustrations that I had been facing before engaging you were the time it took to find candidates, unsatisfactory screening and I felt like I was a human resource manager, which I am not. EWI came to me within a matter weeks with a shortlist and all I needed to do is interview (after your thorough screening and recommendations) two or three candidates of which usually one was the right choice. I like your structured approach, pre-screening discussion on what the qualities are that we seek and your overall knowledge, not only of the different disciplines (whether sales, finance, production) but also on the job market.

It has been and will remain a pleasure to do business with you, your colleagues, and your esteemed company.”

Andre S. Grob, Sales Director SEAsia & Oceania

“Before engaging Executive WorkPlace International, we have hard time in finding the good quality candidate and spending most of our time screening the candidates. It is a relieved after engaging them as they are able to provide us some interesting candidates that we can explore. Those who we have recruited via Executive WorkPlace are still with us after few years and contributing effectively. Working with them is very easy. They have an easy search process, the staff and management is very dedicated to provide best solution. They have given a good result and we are satisfied with it.”

BK Tan, International Sales Division – General Manager
Niro Ceramic Group

“Bekaert Japan always suffered with its poor branding in Japan as basically no one knows or see Bekaert in daily life here. Therefore, both recruitment agencies and the candidates do not feel inspired with the company name itself. It was also in the past the case that since we do not have structured organization, one single person has to work on multi-tasks on top of excellent English communication skills, which made us almost impossible to find the right fit. Besides, the recent market recovery in Japan forced the recruitment company putting our request on lower priority, since we only need a few, and most of the talented candidates would not be shown in public, they feel that the market would sustain their position under the current employer.

With your headhunting, you have discovered the hidden talents and you have also understood clearly what we need as well as put our requests at higher priority as it was not only Japan who needed your support. Although some mismatching happened from time to time, such as candidates being not able to speak local language or not willing to change current job, we were overall satisfied with the number of people whom we met and the level of competencies that these people possessed. The process we liked was the feedback session after one round of the interview and you have adjusted at next session according to what we have discussed. Also continuous intervention and keep in touch with the one whom we hired, as your strength is in the listening part and clearly understand what the customer wants but also act/respond accordingly. We feel happy working with you.”

Kyoichi Sakuda, Country Manager
Bekaert Japan Co., Ltd.

“Prior to working with Executive WorkPlace International, we were having problems finding a high potential English speaking marketing manager to join our organization in Japan. However, through their strong efforts we were able to hire a marketing professional with excellent leadership skills and business experience who is making strong contribution to the company. Working with them was a positive experience as they never gave up despite the challenges of the assignment.”

Paul Lancos, Country Manager
NaturCare Japan Co., Ltd. (a Tupperware Brands company)

“We have a small office in Singapore, it was difficult for us to make a proper and detailed research of the person we needed. I have to say the way you presented the candidates to us was very professional, with all the information we needed and giving us the people with the kind of experience we were looking for. We could appreciate your high standard of service and your attitude to make clients satisfied. A particular thanks to Mr. Tan, sometime business cooperation turn into a friendship and that was the case between us. Our office is very small in comparison with most of the companies in Singapore, any persons who work with us as a much bigger challenge than any other jobs. The way you proposed them to us and the way we could make the selection from your side was absolutely professional and very complete.”

Federico Tomarelli, Senior Manager

“Being busy in the day-to-day sales, technical and business development operations I do not have the time to detect, analyze and pre-select any candidates. This is also not my job – as we have regional HR departments for doing so. With good briefing from my side and good listening and understanding on your side and joining dozens of final interviews – you understood very well what our need is. This is of big importance as we promote products and services almost nobody is yet requesting! We got several good candidates, who do not just like to join us as because we are big company, but being ready to go the extra mile and developing a new construction method almost nobody is requesting yet. You have been really committed to get and keep new employees onboard with your onboarding program. And you have always shown great personal engagement, also outside normal working hours, and or weekends. Out of 5 candidates you hired for our department, 2 are really very good – with potential for managerial tasks in our organization. For 3 other candidates, it is yet too early to give any judgement but all looks well. As such the result is very good, not excellent – but very good!”

Dieter Hansel, Global Business Development Manager
NV Bekaert S.A.

“The frustrations that we were facing include not able to get the right candidates, and time consuming process. It is difficult to check the background and get the reliable candidates. Through engaging Executive WorkPlace International, we have more varieties and right candidates, lessen the time consumed by HR to screen the candidates’ application. EWI has a simple and efficient search process. We are satisfied with the team and support.”

Suwit Tunlayadechanont, Managing Director – SE Asia
Synergy Health

“We have engaged Executive WorkPlace International once on the search of PR & Marketing position, unfortunately we are unable to hire anyone due to internal management issues. However, we were involved and given an opportunity to be part of your in house events, briefing which supports our business. We have been working well on the jointly organized events. However, among all the headhunters that I have done business with, I will say your organization has very good rapport with your immediate clients.”

Kalai Selvi, Group Human Resources Manager
The Delicious Group Sdn Bhd

“We worked together with Executive WorkPlace International for about one year, and all respective people involved in this hiring learnt each other about the difficulties of hiring in Japan, e.g. Japanese candidate mindset for job opportunities (royalties), our requirement vs matching candidates in the market, and finalize the best matching candidates in overall consideration of Japanese local business underlined the fact that Bekaert is multinational organization structure. We appreciated your big effort to meet many people to assess our overall requirements to find the right-fit candidates.
The reference check conducted for the candidates is helpful too. We normally do ourselves to contact some ex-colleagues of candidates in the past (by having consensus), but your report was detailed and good for hiring managers to confirm their decision.

We are very happy with the candidates you provided to us for both ISW and Dramix who have potential to contribute to Bekaert.”

Mitsuko Nishida, HR and Office Manager
Bekaert Japan Co., Ltd.